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The vast majority of content on this website is available as plain text. However, some has been published in different formats. This is because certain information can be better demonstrated in other ways, e.g. in an interactive application.

Content like this often requires JavaScript to be ‘enabled’ or the addition of a small piece of software [...]


Frequently asked questions:
If you have a question, idea or suggestion for D-L, e-mail webmaster@DublinLocal.com.
Some feaures of the D-L website include:

Maps: We have a couple of maps on D-L. You can zoom in and out & move them left, right, up & down to focus in on any area of interest. These maps have ‘pins’ in [...]



D-L is ...

... DublinLocal.com & we have a mission … we want to build a total online presence for Dublin’s local neighbourhoods.

We are going to provide a comprehensive information source for all business & community resources in our many neighbourhoods.

You can contact D-L by phoning Pádraig on (085) 7855600 or e-mailing sales@DublinLocal.com.

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