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History of Donnycarney

The following is taken from a booklet called “Donnycarney” produced by the local branch of the Labour Party in the mid-70s. The author is J. Wren.
Travelling through Donnycarney today it is difficult to imagine it in any other way but as a housing estate. Yet Donnycarney has had an exciting history, a history linking the [...]

History of Clonturk 3

See also History of Clonturk 1 and History of Clonturk 2
In Georgian Times
At the time of the accession of George the First, Belvedere was the residence of Sir John Coghill’s eldest son, Marmaduke Coghill, who was, like his father, a civilian, and had succeeded him as judge of the prerogative court. At the same [...]

History of Clonturk 2

See also History of Clonturk 1 and History of Clonturk 3
From the Stuart to the Hanoverian Succession
John Bathe, to whom William Bathe surrendered at the close of Elizabeth’s reign his inheritance, was the chancellor of the exchequer’s second surviving son by his first wife, and at the time of the surrender to him he [...]


Donnycarney (Irish: Domhnach Cearnach, meaning Carney’s Church) is a Northside suburb in the city of Dublin, Ireland. It is bordered by Beaumont, Artane, Killester and Marino, and lies in the postal districts of Dublin 9 and 5.
Donnycarney is a mostly residential area, located ~5km from the centre of Dublin. It has a good range [...]



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